• Whats on the drawing board

    As my own Datsun 320 restoration project progresses along no doubt I'll discover more bits that are hard or impossible to find. I also keep an eye on social media to see what parts others are looking for as well.

    Weather Strips Negotiating to get a few 100m of the door belt or weather strip for the doors made. 
        Rear Tail Lights Re-production of the tail light lens for the N320, NL320 and U320 is under way. hopefully these NLA parts will arrive soon
      Engine Mounts Having obtained 2 NOS mounts i'm looking for someone to reproduce them. The first quote that came back was a bit too expensive. I'm still on the hunt for an alternative manufacturer.
       King Pin Kits 20 sets of King pin kits are on thier way from the manufacturer. Each kit inludes 2 x kinpins, 4 x bushes, 2 x bearings, 2 x cotterpins and a selection of shims. I expect them here early 2021